Tuesday, July 7, 2015


If you like fishing, Campeche is definitely one of the best places to come for the richness, volume and variety of fish that you can find. According to Stephan, an avid fisherman who has fished these waters with a professional guide a eight of times so far, and will be coming back again every year, “Fishing here in the Campeche Riviera has been one of my best fishing experiences ever. In fact, in the last couple of years I have seen the average tarpon go from 9 lb up to 15 lb. We’ve caught many fish over 20 pounds!”
Although there is a variety of species to fish in Campeche, tarpon are the silver kings when it comes to fly-fishing excitement with light tackle due t their acrobatic fight. Within Campeche’s coast on the Gulf of mexico lies the Biosphere Reserve of Los Petenes, also known as “Tarpon Coast”, where there are more than 80 miles of mangrove shoreline, countless rivers, cuts, creeks, channels and inner lagoons which make the ideal natural refuge of shelter for the tarpon.
According to professional guide Raúl Castañeda of Reef Adventures Campeche, “Los Petenes” is very different from their popular counterparts in the Yucatan Peninsula, including the Ascension Bay in the Riviera Maya. Campeche area is the most important natural nursery for tarpon in Latin America!
Fishing is booming here in the coastal areas of Campeche. More and more guide companies are now offering tours that include boat and fishing equipment, so you can learn without having to worry about your equipment. Your only duty is to fish, have fun and enjoy!
Besides all the fishing, bird watching is another wonderful experience on the coast where you will easily identify various birds such as pelicans, seagull, white and roseate spoonbill ibis, white and gray herons and hundreds of other unique species.

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